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The third-generation semiconductor SiC MOSFET

HPD Power Module

SiC Power Module

HPD Power Module

1200V/200A/400A/600A/800A Six-in-one package

Product model Voltage Current 0n-resistance Package type Automotive certification Application Specification
(Id @ 25℃) (Rds_on @ 25℃)
M1P-1200-200A 1200V 200A 4.75mΩ HPD AQG-324 Electric vehicles Download
M1P-1200-400A 1200V 400A 3.35mΩ HPD AQG-324 Electric vehicles Download
M1P-1200-600A 1200V 600A 2.63mΩ HPD AQG-324 Electric vehicles Download
M1P-1200-800A 1200V 800A 1.7mΩ HPD AQG-324 Electric vehicles Download
• High blocking voltage and low on-resistance, increasing power density
• Low capacitance, high-speed switching for higher system efficiency
• Easy parallel connection and simple driving, improving system switching frequency
• Higher avalanche energy ruggedness
• Halogen-free, compliant with RoHS standards
• Improved reliability and high thermal conductivity using silicon nitride substrate
• High temperature tolerance silver sintering process

[Application Fields]
• New energy vehicles
• Energy storage systems
• Wind and photovoltaic systems